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Hi! I’m Emma, the artist behind Emma Sage Fine Art. I’m from the Washington, DC area, but recently moved to Santa Monica, CA, and I’m absolutely loving living in a vacation!

After four years of studying Painting & Printmaking at Virginia Commonwealth University, I took a break from art. I was creatively drained, and wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go in artistically. In 2016 I finally got the art bug again, and I knew I needed to start fueling my passion. After a year of getting re-acquainted with painting (and learning how to use acrylics!), I launched Emma Sage Fine Art in 2017 with a goal of creating whimsical, fun, accessible art that brings joy into the world and a smile to the faces of those who see it.

My current work depicts animals in their best party attire. I get inspiration for each piece from the animals themselves. I imagine a personality for each animal, which then inspires their outfit. My party animals don't take life too seriously, they are just here for the party...literally! 

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I'm featured on episode 35 of The Spitfire Podcast! You'll hear a bit more about my background, why I started this business and how I juggle being an artist and having a full time office job.


Listen below: